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Utilising Osteopathy. Acupuncture, Pilates, Physiotherapy & Chiropractor Techniques to get you pain free. 

Birmingham Sports Massage and Sports Injuries Clinic is located in Birmingham City Centre.

Whether you are suffering from back pain, sports injuries, a recreational or work related injury we are here to help you.

Osteopathy, sports Massage, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, facilitated stretching is not just for those who participate in sports. We work with a variety of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and treatments are tailored to suit you as an individual.

What sets Birmingham Sports Massage and Sports Injuries Clinic apart from other clinics is our experience, detailed assessment and clinical reasoning skills to determine the most effective treatment for each patient, utilising osteopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy and chiropractic techniques.


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“Geoff's knowledge of injuries and the way the body works is second to none. As well as being very knowledgeable he is also extremely friendly, enthusiastic and reliable. We often have customers who ask us where we recommend they go for treatment and Geoff has always been our number one choice.”

Nicky Archer

2010 England Marathon Team - 2hr 42mins

"As a runner visiting sometimes for maintenance and sometimes for specific issues, I always walked away from treatment feeling much better than when I walked in! Customized treatments to fit my training and racing schedule....my muscles definitely miss Geoff since I moved away!!"

Nathon Burns - GB Judo

Training full time in Judo takes the body to different levels of breaking points and limits.
As I am a unfunded athlete it's been extremely hard to get treatment when my body is battered and injured. But luckily I had Geoff who would come to the club via his route back and forwards from Birmingham - London and put in some quality time fixing me.
His skills and specificness to treat a body stand out from many others I've seen. While he's treating you with extreme quality, he explains what is happening, why and what he is doing to prevent and help. So not only do you start to understand, your also being treated with finesse.

He's an amazing guy and a fantastic osteopath.

Celise Hicks

Global Dance Supervisor (The Lion King)

"I had the pleasure of seeing Geoff about  problems I was having with my knee. He was absolutely amazing, very informative and helpful to my issue. My only complaint is that I could only see him once. I will definitely use him from now on when I'm in the UK.

Thanks Geoff!!!"


Emily Godley 

GB Weightlifting Team

"Geoff's support has been essential to my Weightlifting career and the recent improvements I have made. Geoff has a highly professional manner, and has extensive knowledge of Weightlifting and it's effects on the body. Whether it's an injury or niggle, Geoff has been able to find the route cause of the pain and provide me with the relevant treatment or guidance to manage the area and alter my training accordingly. Not only has he been able to identify potential weaknesses, he also helps ensure that I'm in the best possible physical shape, allowing me to compete to the best of my ability. I am extremely grateful for all the help that Geoff has given me and I am looking forward to continuing to work with him in the future."

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmilyGodley

Wayne Sleep OBE

Professional Ballet Dancer, Actor and Celebrity

"Geoff is a knowledgeable Osteopath and I would highly recommend him.  Geoff kept me on stage and on my feet in Birmingham during Cabaret"

Ben Burgess

2011 Silver Medallist – British Powerlifting Championships, 2011 Silver Medallist – Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships, 2012 Gold Medallist – West Midlands Powerlifting Championships and 2012 British Senior Team – Western European Powerlifting Championships

"Geoff’s treatments are different to any other physiotherapist I’ve used.  Rather than just give you a back rub and send you on your way, Geoff uses his advanced analytical techniques and excellent knowledge of anatomy and physiology to identify the source of any issues and treat the cause of problems, rather than just the symptoms.  This means I have found long-term benefits from his treatment including the successful diagnosis and treatment of an elbow injury that has been a problem for years".


Don Broadhurst

2003 ABA Champion, 2006 Commonwealth Games gold medalist and 2009 Commonwealth Super Fly Weight title says:

"Geoff has been there to support me over the last few months, he certainly knows his stuff and I am happy to have him in my team."

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Alison Hammond

This Morning presenter, I'm a celebrity contestant and ex Big Brother contestant says:

"When I first came across Geoff I had severe back pain from the crazy activities I get up to due to my job. Friendly and down to earth Geoff did a full assessment and explained what treatment to have.  I instantly felt at ease and trusted his opinion, it wasn't until he laid his hands on my back that I knew I was gonna be ok.  You see with Geoff he has the knowledge and the confidence to feel what is exactly needed for each individual. If Geoff can handle me, he can handle anyone and I don't do testimonials. I just felt that I needed to tell everyone about him cause he has seriously changed my life for the better.  Put it this way I couldn't have gone into the jungle if it wasn't for Geoff, it made it a lot more bearable. Thanks Geoff"

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/alisonhammond2

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